[Fixed]Cannot Install Apps on Samsung Galaxy S20

Several users have reported that they’re unable to install apps on their Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones. Although it’s not a widespread issue, if you’re facing it that means you won’t be able to get all your usual apps on the device, which is a major inconvenience. The fix depends on what the actual problem is, so here are four ways to counter the problem of not being able to install apps on a Samsung Galaxy S20 premium device.

Issue #1: Google Account Details Incorrect

If the problem is because of being unable to purchase an app before downloading it, it’s possible that your Google Account is not updated with valid payment information. For example, if your credit card has expired, you won’t be able to buy an app and install it on your device.

Fix: To correct the problem, try using a desktop to put current card details in your Google account. At this URL, sign in and click on the Payments & Subscriptions section on the left, and then look for Payment Methods. Click on Manage Payment Methods and input your current credit card details. If you’re not already signed into the same Google account on your desktop, you may have to do that before you can access the payments page.

Once you change, it, go back to your device and see if the app purchase goes through. You can also try using a different Google account. If both those fixes don’t work, then the problem is different and requires an alternative fix.

Issue #2: Check Data Roaming Status

In some cases, you’re not able to download apps because you’re travelling and your roaming cellular data is turned off. The fix is simple: turn it on.

Fix: Swipe down and click on the gear icon for Settings. Click on Connections and go to Mobile Networks, then turn the button to the On position against Data Roaming. Alternatively, if you’re near a WiFi hotspot, you can log into that network. Go back to Google Play and see if you’re able to download and install the app you wanted. If you still face the same problem, check out the next fix.

Issue #3: Network Settings Changed

If your network settings have been altered in any way, it could prevent you from accessing the Internet and thereby prevent downloading apps from Google Play Store and install them on your Galaxy S20.

Fix: Resetting your network settings is a good idea in this situation. However, note that all your WiFi, VPN and other passwords will be cleared as well. Make sure you know them before attempting this fix. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Tap on the Apps icon and go to Settings on your Galaxy S20.

Step 2: Tap sequentially on General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Network Settings, then Enter your security password for the device before finally tapping on Reset Network Settings.

Step 3: Restarting your phone is not required, but advisable.

Once you’ve restarted, your Google Play Store will be accessible and you’ll be able to install apps.

Issue #4: Cache Data in Play Store App

In rare cases, your Play Store app might have cached information that isn’t allowing you to download any apps. It’s similar to how an app itself works. If there’s too much cache, temp and other data generated by the app, it could stop working. The same way, your Play Store also generates a cache, which brings us to the fix.

Fix: To clear your Store cache, tap through to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache. This will remove any temp, junk and other cache data and essentially ‘refresh’ your app store. This fix also works with individual apps, but you have to tap on that particular app instead of the Play Store icon inside Settings > Apps.

Issue #5: Device Problem

If there’s nothing wrong with your Google account, your Internet connection, your network settings or even the Play Store app, it’s probably time to do a factory reset. This wipes all your data and settings so essentially it addresses the root cause of the problem on the device side. You’ve already eliminated other possibilities, so here’s the last resort.

Fix: To do a full factory reset, first make sure you have your data backed up to an external device like your PC, or even the memory card in your Galaxy S20. You may now proceed with the Master Reset.

Step 1: Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S20 is turned off.

Step 2: Hold down these three buttons on the sides of your device: Volume Down + Power + Bixby. Release them once you see the Android logo.

Step 3: Scroll down to Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Volume Down button and press the Power button to select.

Step 4: Keep scrolling further using the Volume Down button, and this time hit the Power button when it lands on “Yes-delete all user data.”

Step 5: As soon as you see Reboot System Now, press the Power button for the last time, and your device will be reset to its original condition.

Try each of these five fixes progressively to see if the problem goes away for good. It’s better not to take the factory reset route straight away, since you’ll be wiping everything from the device. If the problem persists, you may need to take it to an authorized service center.




Tech content writer & blogger who’s passionate about computer software and hardware.

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Kawhi Dumingz

Kawhi Dumingz

Tech content writer & blogger who’s passionate about computer software and hardware.

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